Fated to Love You:Episode 13 Thoughts!!


Be still my thumping heart. Whoa this episode was crazy good. We are back with the crazies and sweet moment that we all enjoy. It is like the reset button has been pushed where everyone starts all over again, except this time bonds are being formed and the past isn’t easily forgotten even if the button is pressed to restart. 

I love the relationship between Gun and Se Ra. It is a bittersweet relationship where they are not bitter and angry about the past. They have tried to move on as friends, one than the other. Them being in each other’s life shows that they were friends before the incident. Come to think of it, Se Ra wasn’t really a bad character. She acted the way every woman would, fight for what was theirs. She and Gun were not on bad terms as life accidentally happened. She didn’t go into a full bitchy second lead mode, which I was expecting her to, even though she dabbled a little bit into it. I just love their current relationship because it shows that they are still aware of the past, but that shouldn’t hold them down from moving on in life.

Daniel and Mi Young, Ellie for now until she goes back to Mi Young, their relationship is cute. I mean after Ellie friend zoned him previously, I thought that him not pursing it further was weak. I didn’t see him as a competitor, but rather as an act for Gun to get his stuff together. But now, he is forgoing all the oppa stuff and actively chasing Ellie, which is good and all, but he had three years do to just that. I don’t want to sound mean, but if she is not reciprocating, it is time to cut your loss. Their almost kiss in the bar, I would say Ellie looked uncomfortable, yet in a way, she kinda expected him to act. I don’t know if I  am reading it wrongly.

Gun! Gunnie!! Ahh, He hasn’t changed. No new haircut will change who he is. A crazy man who is still madly in love with a woman who he drove away due to the fact that he is not DYING, well, yet anyways. This episode was funny due to his antics in keeping tabs on Mi Young, not Ellie to him, but it was also sad and pitiful to see him hide himself as he watches her become a bond girl who is strong from afar. He cannot share that new confidence with her because well she was with someone else when she created a new her. His debate with himself at the hotel was sad to watch. He cannot bring himself to congratulate Mi Young because old memories are still intact. Just even asking about her from Mi Young’s mom was sad to see as well. He keeps company with her just to try to see if he can get Mi Young’s mom to at least talk about her daughter. Ohh!!! Why am I tearing up. 😥 Seeing Gun struggle is no fun, but that makes him human. Those that can admit defeat and try their best to want to fix their mistakes, even if it is from a far is okay in my book. ❤ What book? 

Oh side note: who else is shipping Yong and Ji Yeon. A noona and dongseng relationship. 🙂 I am. They are perfect together A feisty, opinionated woman and a puppy. hehe 🙂

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