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Fated to Love You:Episode 12 Discussion

Tears! Noble idiocy! More tears! Loss of something important! More more tears! More noble idiocy due to fear! Time jump! MAKE OVER……

This episode was a doozy. I have never ever ever ever cried…ever cried in all my drama watching years. And today was the first. I mean I wasn’t balling my eyes out, but I teared up. Losing a child is something a parent should never ever experience. Seeing Gun and Mi Young lose that creation that brought them together was sad 😥

I want to say its Gun nobleness that started the whole ordeal of sadness, but, frankly I can’t. I do understand his point of view as he doesn’t want to leave Mi Young husband-less and keddongie fatherless. They would be better off without him. Sad, but true. However, I did wish he was brave enough to fight the disease he is battling with Mi Young. As married couples,it is better to fight the battle together than alone.

This episode was just too sad to discuss. The Jangs hit every emotional scene with perfection, and realism. I thought I was watching a real life couple lose their child. 😦 However, there is always a silver lining. We have a time jump at the end of the episode and I found myself squealing. The Kim and Lee are sporting new dos. WHICH I LOVE. THANK YOU FOR CHOPPING THE HAIR OFF GUN. JANG HYUK IS SIOOO HOTTTTTT….<3…OOPs did I say that out loud. Mi Young is looking sassy, fiesty, divalicous, confident, sexy, eye looking, heads turning, fashionaista, red-haired, powerful…i could go on and on about the new and improved Mi Young. Jang Na Ra killed it in this episode. This was Mi Young’s episode. Which is good because it does foreshadow that the next upcoming episodes will be hers as she commands the screen with her sexy confidence. I can’t wait for next week. Whoa….i sense in the air falling in love all over again. Oh second time is the charm. 🙂


Is it next week yet???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


2 thoughts on “Fated to Love You:Episode 12 Discussion”

  1. I agree with everything. I love the idea of sexy Mi Young although meek Mi Young was adorable already. I only fear Geon won’t be the same. I loved him just the way he was including his ridiculous hair.


    1. True. Oh the hair. Funny. I got used to it and I will miss the crazy laugh that I came to love. Hehehe…hope it would be brought back through the help of Mi Young. I do love the reversal of things though.


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