Fated to Love You: Episode 11 Recap


Whoooo!!! This episode was surprisingly not as heartbreaking as I belived it would be. Though. I smell desperation in the air for acceptance and remembrance, there were still some heartfelt laughter that drew me to the characters in the beginning.

Thank goodness that the amnesia lasted for about 3/4 of the episode and was resolved as it was ending. Dragging it would have been, well, a drag. I mean if the amnesia plot were to be extended to the next episode, it would be nice if Gun were to fall in love all over again with Mi Young. That would be something I would have loved to seen. Anyways, all that glittered wasn’t gold as Gun became as ass for some minutes. Though it stung Mi Young, but I was glad that she was optimistic and not playing the noble idiot card of leaving him. Though she gave him his space as needed, but she had hope and that was real brave of her as she prayed that his memories came back. <3.

Oh Se Ra. Girl, you are too much. I mean, I do understand. She saw an opportunity to make the best of luck on her side. But she did it all wrong. Manipulating, lying, deceiving….they all mean the same thing, but her with her actions, they are different. And she had the guts to be angry with him towards the end when Gun pleaded for more time to sort out the issue at hand. As soon as she acted out then, I was like, yea, no more pity party. First of all, she has always be putting her ballet before Gun, now all of a sudden, you are throwing it away thinking he will take you back. Just like her mom said, pathetic. What I did realize is that Gun has been chasing after her. Trying to make her feel better, comfortable, happy. However, this was the time for her to reciprocate that display of love Gun has been showing her. Instead, she was thinking of ways to get him back, using his vulnerable stage to her advantage and that was not cool. She kept important information from him and used it to manipulate him and I stopped feeling sorry for her, especially at the fact that she showed no remorse for her action towards Mi Young, the baby, and even Gun, let’s ads granny in this equation also.

Finally, poor Daniel. Friend zoned. Yep. I mean come on dude. You literally declared yourself as her protector and neighborhood oppa. Yea. Sorry buddy. But she does need a strong friend by her side though.

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