Korean Drama

Fated to Love You: Episode 10 Discussion

Happy New Month Guys.

Okay, let’s jump right in.


The first half of this episode was too sweet, I was afraid that I will need to see my dentist soon because of too much cavities. Oh where do I start! The kiss that Mi Young reciprocated twice; Gun cannot get his mind of his wife; Gun having the hots for Mi Young; shopping together for keddongie’s needs. It was just too much. From Gun having intense desires of wanting Mi Young as his “wild” side is getting the best of him to Mi Young finally becoming “selfish” and just enjoying what she had at the moment. It was just too good to be true. Man, if a guy has the hots for me like that for just being myself…whoa I will not change who I am for the world. hehe 🙂

Unfortunately, good things come to an end right? Wrong? I think that it is just a stumbling block along the . way that will just bring them closer at the end. But, for now, there needs to be obstacles that the couples need to face in order to find a solution to the problems that was never properly resolved.

Now that the whole country knows that their marriage was a sham, there will be people that will want to see them fall. Oh yea, Gun collapsed. So I am going to guess that they will throw in an amnesia plot. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Writers, you HAD BETTER NOT! We were given hints that Gun had an ailment, but it should not result to amnesia. They can do without that story line and find another way for Gun and Se ra to end their relationship without more hurt for the other person. This is the perfect opportunity for Se ra to fix her relationship and I do not blame her; I will do the same as well. However, if they throw in that a story where Gun will forget Mi Young and his budding relationship and goes back to being a jerk to Mi Young, but later he comes back to his senses, I will be mad. Why? Because Se ra is going to be doubly hurt again. She doesn’t deserve it. What I would want to see next week is Gun does not forget who he is. Se ra actually helps him back to health, but she has realized that she has definitely lost her man, so as a ballerina, she gracefully bows out. But she will have a happy ending because she finally found her rich brother and they reconcile.

Mi Young is going to be hurt as we will see next week, well he didn’t show up for her birthday, but I actually want to see that strong Mi Young we have been given hints to this past few episodes, and Mi Young that will actually fight for what is hers, just like she fought for her earrings in episode 2. She already says that she loves Gun (oh I got something here) so I want to see her fight for her love because guess what? She is an equal fighter with Se ra to fight for Gun. Why? Well, Gun has shown that he is there for her and like it or not, they do have a relationship now.

Okay as I said I got something. what is up with Gun towards the end. I mean earlier he is shown that he is infatuated with Mi Young and he will do anything for her, but what I do not understand is why he went numb and dumb not doing anything to fight/defend Mi Young against his elders. I don’t know…maybe I missed it. I just found it strange. Are they trying to build up the whole….oh I am soooooo devastated by the news, I have collapsed, I can’t remember the bad that happened to me recently, only the good….only Se ra who I see at the moment. I don’t know.

By the by: is Daniel ever going to have customers? I hope he doesn’t declare bankruptcy with an empty cafe. Would be such a waste.


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