Fated to Love You: Episode 9 Discussion

Episode 9 Discussion:

Whoo! this episode was so good. I don’t even know where to begin. I was grinning like a fool, or better yet, like Mi Young whenever she smiled and felt for her whenever she was down. But, sometimes I got frustrated with her actions because she was not open to one person that she is supposed to.

Gun and Mi Young getting closer and fond of each other just makes my day of watching FTYL. The way Gun dotes on Mi Young shows that he is opening his heart to her slowly and well kinda fast considering the fact that he was in love with someone else for six years and Mi Young has been in his life for just couple of months. This is where the issue lies. Gun has shown in earlier episodes that Se ra was his one and only and from episode 8 to 9, that has changed. I mean realistically, it does make sense that after someone constantly rejects your offer, you easily find love with someone else who is willing to reciprocate. But it is just too fast, the previous episode after Gun tells Se ra about the situation, I expected there to be a little bit of guilt from his part for accidentally impregnating and falling for a woman, but that is not the case and I do not feel comfortable with this because it shows that if Se ra goes into bitchy second lead mode (please don’t)  things might look good for our doting couple. Well for Mi Young who like to sacrifice her own happiness for others.

Se ra meeting with Mi Young is something that I completely understand. I don’t think it was bad on her part, but rather human and realistic. What I do like about it was that she herself is confused as to why Gun will move on that fast especially to a woman he just met as compared to her. I totally understand her and I give her props for not going to water-throwing mode. Sure, what she said to Mi Young did sting, but it does have truth resonance to it.

On a side note: yep, Se ra is Daniel’s sister, hence, she is adopted and her adoptive mom is nasty. Therefore, we will feel a little bit more for Se ra like Mi Young, as Se ra might want to get Gun back. I will go on a limp and say that her choosing her career over Gun is not partially her fault, but her mother’s who kept forcing her to pursue a dream that cost her a man and a life a martial bliss.

What did frustrate me was Mi Young bottling her feelings and telling Daniel about it rather than Gun.She is always leaving him in the dark and that is not fair because she paints him as a bad guy, especially in front of her neighborhood oppa who assumes the worst of Gun. As the audience, we see differently than her thoughts. Mi Young misses the little things Gun so it is no surprise that she doesn’t confide in him. However, I was pleasantly happy that she finally said her mind to Gun at the end, what she told Daniel in the beginning. It shows that she is growing as a person who actually doesn’t hide what she is feeling in order to protect the other and because of the revelation to Gun we get to see them kiss. What an ending!

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