Lee Min-Ki Enlists

Oh, time sure does fly Every since I saw him in Dal-ja Spring, he has been on my radar. Actor Lee Min-Ki, 29, will be joining the Army this coming August. 

Lee’s enlistment is supposed to be a hush-hush listing, however, this is not the case anymore. His agency, Haeundae, does confirm that he is enlisted, but Lee wants to keep his serving out of the public eye.  Nonetheless, before he goes out of the spotlight for two years, he is currently shooting a movie, Shoot My Heart, co-starring Yeo Jin-goo  which is described as a human drama about two men who break out of a mental hospital.  Production is set to wrap up by the end of July.

Here is something pretty to remember him by:

If cheekbones could cut

lee min ki 1

lee min ki 5

lee min ki 4

lee min ki 2

Oh by the way, doesn’t Yeo Jin-goo look a just like mini Min-ki

Yeo Jin Goosource [1]





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