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Roommate Episode 11


Whoop! This is my first official blog! There are a lot of blogs that recap this show so I will start from the current airing episode. Ga Ja!

Song Ga Yeon MMA

Narrator: Song Ga Yeon

Ga Yeon is debuting her first professional MMA fight on August 17. Yay! Ga Yeon! Hwaiting. This is the roommates first outing trip (sweet! they get a change of scenery). But from the snips of clips it looks like not all that glitters is gold. It seems that trouble is brewing ahead for this close knit group of people that are slowly forming a family.

Tension 1

(I don’t like where this is headed, but there is no such thing as a perfect harmonious home. There is bound to be tension even among family).

Ga Yeon Worries

Before we get to watch as the roommate slowly unravel the perfectness of family bonding, we see that most of the roommates are up and about with their busy/not busy schedule. Shin Omma (Shin Sung Woo) gets home from his day and finds the house a little bit messy, especially the kitchen (his domain).

Dirty dish

As he cleans up after his grown-roommates, he becomes more irritated. (Maybe this is re-occurring chore for him). When he gets to the kitchen he becomes exasperated as he sees the kitchen sink full with piles of dishes and clutter of garbage at the corner.


(I will be pissed too). So to work out his anger, he mows the lawn. Ha! Nice way to cool down, do more work. When he gets back in, Min Woo was his unfortunate target, as he releases his frustration and disappointment on Min Woo to clean up after themselves. He talks to Soo Hyun as well, who in turn tells Min Woo to clean the kitchen with Ga Yeon while she goes groceries shopping. Ga Yeon by the way is sleeping, I guess from her intense training. (I feel you girl).

Min Woo is slightly hurt because he got scolded for constantly cleaning up after the roommates who do not appreciate his work. (Most members of the homes are more busy than others, so those at home are constantly cleaning up after the rest, which is definitely understand his dilemma). Ga Yeon comes down to help Min Woo, but Shin Omma insists that Min Woo clean the kitchen alone. Still our maknae feels bad that her oppa is cleaning the kitchen all by himself. She stays around the kitchen as she watches Min Woo clean, Min Woo gives her menial things to do to keep her busy (hehe).


She senses that Min Woo is not happy and goes up to him to cheer him up. (I so love their interactions. Our cute maknae has come a long way with her not speaking so formally anymore. Though I miss the hitting whenever she spoke in a formal way. LOL)

how can you not smile at that face

On a side note: Se Ho wants to lose weight. So Shin Omma takes to the camera, haha, and states that whenever Se Ho drinks, the camera should have proof of it so that Se Ho drinks, he donates his expensive clothes. Se Ho definitely doesn’t agree to this. hahahaha. He plans to lose 10kg and So Ra suggests he does it by doing pilates and from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it is fun or easy. HA and Ouch!

go son!


The roommates decide to do something for fun…camping and fishing at Gangwondo. Mr. Kang Dash Man (Kang Joon) volunteers himself  to be the designated confident travel agent. 🙂 He even suggests that he will do it with Chan Yeol, who is more than ecstatic to plan the trip with him. (This is going to be fun).

kang dash man to the rescue

Kang Joon goes shopping with his bossy assistant, Park Bom, for the trip. hehe. He is still awkward around her as he doesn’t finish his sentence and cuts her off as she speaks. haha…oh boy,such an awkward turtle. The Kang Yeol Travel Agency (ha love the name) start their planning. They create a schedule for the trip…(ahh they look so good together). As they plan, Min Woo eavesdrops at them. Hehe!

Hacky sack!

There is a random showing of Bom trying to dress up Ga Yeon is party clothes. It is so hilarious as Bom tries to makes each dress that Ga Yeon wears clubbing appropriate and Ga Yeon is soooo uncomfortable  with it, but Bom is like NO! hahaha….ahhh good to have a big sis.

From this

To this

Kang Joon and Chan Yeol wake up early in the morning to do the final preparation of the trip. They make egg and tuna sandwich (cute) and even had a bullhorn to make their travel agency feel authentic.

so cute!

As everyone up and ready to go, they read their itinerary, eat breakfast,  check their mini package and they split into two groups. Ahh, I will so be their constant customer if this is how I will be treated. hehehehe

Team Chan Yeol- Shin Sung Woo, Lee So ra, Jo Se Ho and Nana

Team Kang-Hong Soo Hyun, Park Bom, Kang Min Woo and Song Ga Yeon.


Here we come

They rented two different cars to travel. As the show predicts, we see that the atmospheres in both cars are different. Team ChanYeol is fun, smooth and music-bumping.

Party car

Team Kang has no air condition in this hot summer. There is constant tension and fear from Soo Hyun as she had been in two serious car accidents which makes her more alert in the car when she travels long distance.

Tense car

As the car ride continues, tension begins to rise in Team Kang’s car between Bom and Min Woo. The hot air, stuck in traffic, tired Min Woo and no aircon makes the car ride more tense and awkward as everyone are on edge, expect Ga Yeon who is sleeping hehe.

Sleeping head

In Team Chan Yeol’s car, the air is cool and breezy, music is off the chain, Shin Omma drives smoothly and everyone is getting along. Feels like an actual road trip in that car. In Kang’s car, Min Woo keeps yawning while driving and Soo Hyun is so not comfortable and cannot fully relax due to her fear. Ga Yeon is still out. HA! They get to their first destination to pick up their camping truck. Min Woo tries to negotiate/take the aircon car of Shin Omma (haha. tough luck).

They leave the site and Team Kang stops at the car repair shop. Unfortunately, it will take a day to fix the aircon. As they eat lunch, Bom suggests they go back home, but other suggests they rent another car and see the trip finish. Min Woo starts to get frustrated as he talks about the whole situation of at least switching cars with the other teams for a short while. But no dice! Keep on driving they will.

Min Woo shows frustration

As they continue to drive, they have a new problem on top of no aircon, a beeping sound starts randomly. This makes them all more tense and more cautious as they drive on. (They won’t catch a break, will they?) At the rest stop, Team ChanYeol are having a delicious lunch. It is the same rest stop Se Ho and Nana were at previously. They asked a worker, whom they saw at their previous meet if they look good together.

Are we cute together?

At first, she said yes, but that answer actually is for Nana and Shin Omma. hahaha (this is golden). Min Woo keeps falling asleep as he drives ( DANGER! DANGER!) and he is not willing to switch with Kang Joon.

Min Woo sleeping

Oh no! The car starts heading towards the guard rail because at this time, his body can’t keep up, he is ACTUALLY SLEEPING! >:-(

Car almost off the road

This freaks everyone out. He FINALLY switches with Kang Joon who drove all the way.

They all arrive at the beautiful campsite. (I want to go camping now. hehe).

Gangwando campsite

Yay! Dong Wook is here!

We missed you!

They start fishing right away. Ha. Se Ho is such a baby, he is afraid of hooking the worms to the hooks.


After a while, Soo Hyun catches the first fish. Whoop!

Go Team Kang

So Hyun trout

Ha! What is funny is that Dong Wook and Chan Yeol go through a secret extent of catching a trout, but they end up getting the hook tangled on them. tsk tsk.

Am we fishing the right way?

Shin Omma and Se Ho finally catch their fish. Se Ho has a triumphant moment. ahahaha.

Muhahaha. You are mine

After fishing, Min Woo goes to his team members and sincerely apologized for the incident.

I didn't mean to fall asleep and drive and put you all in danger.


First, thanks for reading this blog. Bear with me the length. My first attempt which I will work on for the next BABY recap. There were a lot of actions going on in this episode which is more than any previous episode and this is due to the fact that they all are leaving a familiar environment into a new one and taking us on the journey. I felt like this trip was long over due for our roommates as it seemed that they all are bottling up their feelings that they never had the proper time to talk about it. This makes good show. This trip will either make them stronger as a family or destroy the bond they have created for the past three months.

I had some comments earlier in the recap, but what I will say is that the editing of this show is not constant that it throws views off. I was expecting the high tension we saw at the end of the show, the bungee jump, but never got to see it. And this show has a track record of not really showing what they preview which is annoying. However, this episode, they did show what was previewed last week and when it came down to it, it wasn’t as bad as it was edited out. The roommates talked about it at the end. I do believe that next week, they will say their minds about their living conditions and some people will not take it candidly.

This brings me to my next point. Min Woo. I do not want to pick on him, but again, it is the way the show portrays him. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He is very emotional. I was a little bit irritated at him at the fact that he was tired, yet, he kept on driving. He was putting his life, the  members lives and innocent drivers lives on danger as he was driving recklessly. His apology of not wanting  Kang Joon to drive, due to his inexperience, sounds legit, but it still doesn’t justify him driving without switching up with Kang Joon. I do believe that he bottles his feelings a lot, so next week we will see him, hopefully, release all that and stop being proud.

Can’t wait!!Tension 2


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